This interesting and mysterious region is called Parma, which means the Ural hilly taiga.

Huge deposits of potassium salt, which glorified this region, were deposited at the bottom of the ancient sea 250 million years ago. Back in the 3rd century BC, copper was smelted here and diamonds were mined until the beginning of the two thousandth, since the 19th century the region has been proud of cannon factories and the first steam hammer, shipyards and ballet.

This is the birthplace of Mamin-Sibiryak and Bazhov, Diaghilev and Popov, Stroganov and Vorontsov. Last year, the capital of the region celebrated its 300th anniversary. And what is Perm like today?
From February 8 to 11, we organized a business mission to the Perm Region, where we visited the Kungur caves and Uralkali mines, rose over Parma in balloons and made Perm gingerbread, got acquainted with the city and went behind the scenes of the Opera and Ballet Theater, tried on images of dog hunting and made a horse hike.
We tasted the modern interpretation by the chefs of the Permian traditional cuisine restaurants and got acquainted with local entrepreneurs - amazing citizens: chefs and restaurant owners, diggers and historians, the founders of the Promobot company and the priest of the temple.