In July, the traditional FATHERS and CHILDREN flotilla gathered 6 family yachts and catamarans in the Turkish waters.

It was the 9th flotilla, which allowed children to look at their parents with different eyes, and parents to look at children, discover something new in each other, learn from each other, increase trust, get infected with sailing trips, expand the geography of their interests and take a break from gadgets.
A week gives parents a great opportunity to get closer to their children, relieve work stress and take a break from the metropolis. Hiking in the mountains together, learning the basics of yachting, contests and competitions – all this made our week incredibly eventful and bright, and we are sure that the participants came to earth a little different, at a higher level of emotional interaction between generations.

The 10th anniversary flotilla "FATHERS and CHILDREN" will be held in Turkey in the summer of 2024! Join us!